To celebrate the release of our Technique Summer 2018 compilation we’re asking all the artists to reveal some of their favourite tracks, so here’s Smooth’s Poolside Playlist.

This one makes me calm inside and takes me on that perfect summer journey as if anything is possible. It also takes me back to a time where I was in high school and nothing really mattered apart from making music and having fun.


I remember the first time I heard this song/album. I could not believe how perfect
the combination of melody, fast drums and distorted guitars was. I always come back to this song.


Yes, I have heard (pun intended). And I am happy I did as tunes like this made me love drum & bass. It’s incredible and sets the perfect poolside vibe period.


What can I say… I know there is a bit of a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde vibe with me. I love heavy tunes but I always feel nostalgic when near water. So this is kind off the perfect choice for that chill vibe. Also, an amazing classic.


I have to self promote a little 🙂