OUT NOW – Digital – Digital Sound EP

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Digital – Digital Sound EP

Release Date: 6th July 2014

If you want a list of Digital’s achievements in the D&B game, well, unlucky, there just isn’t room for them all here. We can give you the headlines though: part of the original rave soundsystem scene since day one, nearly two decades of production experience, releases on virtually every well-respected label including Metalheadz, Reinforced, 31 and his own Function and Phantom Audio imprints. And now his uncompromising dubwise style has arrived on Technique.

First we land In the Basement. A sparse and spacey rhythm track marks out the intro as dark chords fade in and out of focus.
Then Digital shows the true meaning of dub as he twists a powerful sub-bass injection around unrelenting half-time beats. This is true post-modernist jungle, referencing the past’s blueprint while remaining steadfastly current.

New Age Jungle Funk breathes new life into some more classic junglist tropes. There’s percussion pushed to the boundary of aggressive distortion, raggamuffin stabs and rough-hewn bass. The monumental weight of the low-end is only accentuated by the shimmering glimmers of hi-hat and cymbal that weave their way through the mix. This is dark, late-night music for when it’s time for the set to get serious.

The package is finished off with three mixes of Midnight Moves, featuring the vocals of New Zealand’s Stepa. Her voice combines the ability to effortlessly float over the punch of the beats and bass with an intensity and attack all of its own. The original delivers the stripped-to-the-bone rawness we expect from Digital’s D&B, with the jagged landscape punctuated by the extra texture Stepa brings.

Meanwhile, TREi steps up on remix duties. The New Zealand DJ and producer has already proven his credentials with releases on labels as varied as Viper, Commercial Suicide and Shogun and consolidated his position with a second album last year. His Midday mix draws out the melodic underpinning of Midnight Moves while maintaining the percussive integrity at its heart. Then his Midnight mix takes things into the big room, delivering a mighty build-up and drop that’s bound to get the party moving.

Anyone who knows their bass music will need no persuasion to find room in their set list for this release. Digital’s name alone is all the seal of approval that a true aficionado will need.


1. Digital – In the Basement
2. Digital – New Age Jungle Funk
3. Digital – Midnight Moves feat. Stepa
4. Digital – Midnight Moves feat. Stepa (TREi Midday Remix) 5. Digital – Midnight Moves feat. Stepa (TREi Midnight Remix)

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Document One sign Exclusively to Technique Recordings

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Document One sign Exclusively to Technique Recordings

Over the last few years the Technique Recordings roster has gone from strength to even mightier strength. What with artists like L Plus, MaxNRG and Spectrem joining the camp, and homegrown talent like Tantrum Desire pushing the boundaries ever-further, the team is shaping up pretty nicely!1

And now there’s a new name freshly signed exclusively to Technique, and that name is Document One. And yeah, before you ask, it’s that Document One. The production moniker of Matt King and Joe Froud from Oxford. The guys that are responsible for reputation-making remixes for a multi-genre musical A-list including Moby, Professor Green and Rob Zombie. The ones that have racked up almost ten million views on YouTube and over half a million plays on their personal Soundcloud account. The team with a global DJing schedule and a ubiquitous radio presence. That Document One.

Of course you’re already familiar with their work in the more musical end of dubstep, so you might be surprised to see their name linked with a predominantly D&B-led label like Technique. Well, Matt and Joe have got more than one tempo up their sleeve, and now they’re pushing the BPMs past the 170 mark to deliver some heavy junglist goodness. Expect technoid synth-manipulation, kevlar-coated beats and floor-shaking bass all tied together with their trademark mastery of harmony and melody.

So get ready people, Document One and Technique Recordings have joined forces, and they mean business!


Audio: https://soundcloud.com/techniquerecordings/document-one-are-we-alone-clip

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DocumentOne
Twitter: twitter.com/Documentone

OUT NOW – Tantrum Desire – Adventures Through Space / Nightmare

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OUT NOW - Tantrum Desire - Adventures Through Space / Nightmare


Tantrum Desire - Adventures Through Space / Nightmare

RELEASE DATE: 13th April 2014

After Technique’s mammoth, multiple-instalment 100th release celebrations, they clearly had to come with something monumental to keep things moving into the next century. And things don’t get much more monumental than the first taste of the forthcoming album by Tantrum Desire. With this team’s track record of worldwide acclaim in the underground and mainstream, you’re going to want to pay attention.

Things get epic straight from the opening bars of Adventures Through Space. Timpani rolls and powerful crashes punctuate an evolving cinematic soundscape, until stabs and percussive sounds signal that things are about to get nasty. In the world of big-room build-ups, this is about as big as it gets, and the energy just keeps rising from there, driven by surgically-sharp drums and bass. This is a tune destined to get pulled back and taken from the top on a regular basis.

Then Tantrum Desire darken things up a shade with Nightmare. Slasher-flick tension permeates the intro, which is only ratcheted up further when a rising synth pattern leads us into the drop. This delivers a stepper in the mould of techno-influenced tracks of the late nineties, although with unmistakeably contemporary clean and clinical production values on display. Here’s one Nightmare that’s bound to keep the dancefloor awake.

So, these two tracks serve as an omen of the dangerous sounds yet to come. Tantrum Desire’s album is guaranteed to be one of this year’s hottest releases, so these tunes are sure to make an appearance wherever bass-conscious DJs have their fingers on the pulse.


1. Tantrum Desire – Adventures Through Space
2. Tantrum Desire – Nightmare

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Crissy Criss – Trinity EP

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Crissy Criss Trinity EP


Crissy Criss – Trinity Vol 1 EP

RELEASE DATE: 23rd March 2014

When a Crissy Criss release drops, it’s time to pay attention. As one of the UK’s most prominent faces of bass-heavy music, his 1Xtra show has consistently proven his position at the cutting edge of dubstep and D&B. And with that on his CV, you know his own productions always have to push the boundaries just a little bit further.

First on the agenda is Superstar. Opening with filtered
percussion and a vocoder hook this joins the dots between
eighties electro and its love-child, trap. Then a
squelching bass and driving beat kick in to tie everything
together in a full-fat drum and bass drop. This is 2014
music, tying together strands of multiple bass-led genres in a typically Crissy fashion.

Then we have Rinsin’ Selection. A dark-tinged introduction builds a claustrophobic atmosphere, ratcheting up the tension to breaking point. Then the drop explodes onto the scene, opening up the track into a techstepping floor-filler. Tightly programmed beats and percussive chords keep the energy high, guaranteed to get the rave moving.

Finally, the Deadexit rework of Let Go. After two slices of D&B, this is where Crissy indulges his other passion, dubstep. Expansive strings and reverberating samples swirl around the mix, elements separating and recombining until they resolve into the screwface-inducing drop. As expertly-crafted call and response patterns drive the track through the bass and mid-range, it’s clear this is one for the dancefloor.

Over this EP, Crissy Criss has delivered his signature combination of everything that’s current in the world of bass-heavy music. Drawing from dubstep, trap, and D&B, this release demonstrates the state of the art right now, so is bound to find a place in any set wherever dancefloors require basslines.


1. Crissy Criss – Superstar
2. Crissy Criss – Rinsin’ Selection
3. Crissy Criss – Let Go (Deadexit Remix)

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