OUT NOW – Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Memories / Primitive

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OUT NOW - Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Memories / Primitive


Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Memories / Primitive

Summertime, and the riddims are breezy. When the warm weather heralds the arrival of festivals, carnivals and poolside raving, it’s time to break out the new season’s collection of beats. And, celebrating fifteen years deep in the game, Technique Recordings are dropping a Summer Selection album to soundtrack the sunshine properly. This first taste of the album comes from label bosses Drumsound & Bassline Smith who, judging by their show itinerary, know a thing or two about hyping a festival crowd.

It’s time for the ravers to raise up their hands immediately as Memories floats in. A rising chord structure delivered by a subtle combination of keys and pads provides a foundation for an elegantly percussive synth melody. Add in a ghostly vocal sample and this tune casually casts a cloud of euphoria over the party. The deal is sealed when the drop provides the weight of bubbling bass and effortlessly punchy drums to the mix. This is a tune that’s as uplifting in the midnight haze as it is under blue skies.

Then there’s a different mood for Primitive. Dramatic stabs kick a hole in the atmosphere, punctuating a pattern of ever-rising arpeggiation overlaid with a suspense-laden dialogue sample. And that’s just the intro, before sirens signal a build into a high-voltage drop made of a taut razor-wire bassline and uppercut-force kicks and snares. Rolling high-end percussion and those blockbuster synth-strikes keep the energy at IMAX dimensions. When it’s that time for the carnival crowd to properly let loose and go just a touch grimy, this is one to draw for.

So, Drumsound & Bassline Smith have shown us two angles on the sunlit rave experience. And with a decade and a half of experience feeding into the Summer Selection album, this is clearly just a small taste of what’s to come. Better grab your shades and your sunscreen, because Technique Recordings are about to light up the summer.


1. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Memories
2. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Primitive

OUT NOW – Decoder & Substance – Red feat. Susie Ledge & Jakes

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Decoder & Substance red feat. susie ledge & Jakes
You’d be hard pressed to come up with a production team with as diverse a CV as Decoder and Substance. Part of the hugely influential mid-nineties Bristol scene, between them they’ve run labels, promoted events, run a record shop and produced a slew of cutting edge underground D&B. And that’s before we even get into what they’ve achieved with their worldwide chart-conquering band Kosheen. And now, for the first time in over a decade, we have some brand new Decoder and Substance material.

Red rolls in with a stripped-back rough-edged drum loop straight from the old skool. In the upper registers, Susie Ledge’s sparkling vocals meld with silk-smooth strings to hold a perfect counterbalance. Then there’s a hint of danger as bass tones rear their head, and the one and only Jakes steps up to the mic to signal the launch of a full-scale junglist assault. And better watch out for that second drop that takes things to a whole new level of filth.

Then Document One get their hands on the stems, and show how they do things. They open up with a pristine electro-tinged combination of percussive arpeggios and reprocessed snippets of Ms Ledge’s vocals to create a whole new vibe. The drop brings out a liquid side to the tune, adding the funk that Document One like to bring to the party. Tight drum programming, syncopated bass and builds reinforced with Jakes bars mean that this mix is aimed directly at the dancefloor.

Finally, LA’s in the house as Kronology bring their style to bear on Red too. They’ve deconstructed the track and scientifically re-engineered it as a DJ weapon, bringing energy straight from the word go. Rolling drums support the vocals in the intro, before a mighty detuned bassline drops. And the track keeps building from there, as additional layers of percussion raise the temperature. Adding in the extra ingredient of Susie’s vocals and modulating pads give an extra twist of euphoria to proceedings. This is one to keep the rave moving.

Red combines the dark rave elements of classic Decoder and Substance tunes with the sultry soul that made Kosheen a household name across the globe. Their road-hardened experience combined with two crews from the new generation on remix duties, means that this release is due for some serious rotation.


1. Decoder & Substance – Red feat. Susie Ledge & Jakes
2. Decoder & Substance – Red feat. Susie Ledge & Jakes (Document One Remix)
3. Decoder & Substance – Red feat. Susie Ledge & Jakes (Kronology Remix)

OUT NOW – Kronology – Timelapse EP

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Kronology Timelapse eP

If you’ve been keeping your eye on the Los Angeles D&B scene, then you’ll know all about Slogun and iOh. Hailed as “Ones to Watch” by Kmag in 2013, their deep respect for junglist history and culture has fuelled a steady rise to prominence both as DJs and producers. Now, they’re ready to take the next step, and make their mark on the international scene as part of the Technique roster. So, after the warning shot of Razor Sharp on the 15 Years of Technique LP, it’s time to welcome the team now known as Kronology with their first full release.

You & Me kicks off proceedings in an unmistakeably US style. Evolving house keys establish the percussive heart of the track as classic synth tones add a touch of euphoria. Then a rising siren provides a call to action, delivered on by a funk-filled pizzicato bass and ultra-crisp drums. With this one, Kronology manage to balance an effortless, liquid vibe with rolling rhythms that aim straight at the dancefloor.

On Submerge, Kronology team up with some fellow Los Angelians, the DJs, live performers and producers Divine Elements. The result is some highly grimy bass and mightily hard drums all topped off with some finely chopped samples. At its core, this track is all about that rhythmic motif in the low-end, an irresistible rave engine which this production supergroup constantly disassemble and re-engineer to keep this fresh from beginning to end.

Then Kronology recruit the singer-songwriter known as Without My Armor, to show a whole new facet to their work. Monster opens into a claustrophobic atmosphere, with dark pads vying for space with the vocals and creating a level of tension that begs for relief. And that relief comes as the bassline and counter-balancing mid-range bursts onto the scene. The contrast between the constricted metal influence that weaves through the track and the open, big-room sound gives this a vibe all of its own.

So Kronology have arrived, and they’ve got some flavours that you might not have heard before. While fully immersed in drum and bass music, they’ve brought their own influences of American EDM, house, punk and metal to work into the formula. Straight out of the San Fernando Valley, here’s something new for the D&B scene, encapsulated in their first release, the Timelapse EP.


1. Kronology – You & Me
2. Kronology & Divine Elements – Submerge
3. Kronology – Monster feat. Without My Armor

OUT NOW – 2DB – Check Out The Bounce / Quaalude

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2DB Check Out The Bounce / Quaalude


When the mighty Drumsound and Bassline Smith adopt their 2DB persona you know there’s some serious rave destruction coming. While the label bosses have played an integral part in the rise of the big-room D&B sound, they’ve still got their roots in the underground. This raw and gritty guise recently surfaced on the monumental 15 Years of Technique album to deliver the vicious Terrahawk, and now there’s something new for filth-connoisseurs to get their ears around.

As we get into Check Out The Bounce, we’re left in no doubt that this is meant to raise the temperature in the rave. A gangsta staccato synth pattern, undercurrents of squelching bass and an eponymous vocal sample signal that it’s time to step up on the floor. The drop delivers a powerful dose of twisting and fluctuating bass, emphasised by a sparse and insistent beat. This is music to move to, pure and simple.

Quaalude is anything but a sedative. A seductive cloud of atmospheric strings creates a hands-in-the-air vibe, punctured and reshaped by a synth riff in the high end. This riff drives us all the way into the drop of serrated bass, reforming again into part of the rhythm pattern. This track takes sounds on a journey, recontextualising them along the way. And the party is taken along for the ride, effortlessly gliding from laidback to rave-mode.

Here are two more reasons why the 2DB name is an undisputed seal of dancefloor quality. This production team is constantly able to modulate their formula, creating multiple vibes and moods to reinterpret their genre. In short, if it’s 2DB, you know it’s going to be big.


1. 2DB – Check Out The Bounce
2. 2DB – Quaalude