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Welcome to Technique Recordings. With the mighty Drumsound & Bassline Smith at the helm, we’ve been supplying the world with basslines and beats since 1999.


EP & Manski - Wait A Minute

Ep & Manski make themselves at home immediately with some intensively rolling breaks, ethereal pads and vocals to deliver a tune that combines liquidesque melodic and harmonic intrigue with high energy beats and bass to deliver for the dancefloor.


L Plus

L Plus Interview

L Plus has been one of Technique’s mightiest warriors for a long time now. From his home near Bratislava in Slovakia, he’s been...

Summer 2019 Producer Competition

Have you got what it takes to feature on this year’s Technique Summer album? Now we’ve launched the Technique Music Academy, it’s time...

20 Years of Technique LP Announcement

Can you believe we released the first single on Technique, Future Tech / Target Practice, way back in 1999? So after 20 years...

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