OUT NOW – L Plus – Speed Of Light / Carbon

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L Plus speed Of light / Carbon

Everyone knows what L Plus can do. If you’re not quite with the programme yet, we’re talking expertly-designed layers of synth, thousand-horsepower basslines and iron fist drums. All that, constructed with a rare combination of elegant musicality and a strictly party-hyping attitude. Got that now? OK, let’s get into this.

Speed of Light goes first, setting the scene with a typically wide-open cosmic intro. Melodic arpeggiated figures filter in and around their own reverb, until shocked into submission by the sudden arrival of an insistent bass tone marking out the half-beats. This double-time assault builds to a drop which shows the dancefloor exactly what L Plus is up to. He’s taken a classic walking bass pattern and used subtle modulations and precision-engineered drum sounds to make every offbeat pop and crackle with its own extra burst of energy. Simultaneously a production masterclass and a tune to spark the laziest rave into action.

Then Carbon turns the page to the next chapter of the same story. Going straight in with the bass pattern right from the top, this one shares DNA with some of the funkier techstep from around the turn of the millennium. It’s all about the targeted deployment of builds and fills which somehow continue to deliver a new surge of high-power bass and drum each and every time. With only a few perfectly-crafted elements in play, L Plus manages to conjure up a sound that’s contemporary yet classic. This is 2014 dance music, but made by a true head that recognises the heritage.

So this is where L Plus shows a new facet to his sound. As well as delivering stadium-size harmonies and heart-palpitating builds, he can also take things a shade rawer and provide some rhythm-section funk too. And he can do that without sacrificing any of the musicality or production quality he’s known for. With another weapon in his armoury, this Bratislavan badman’s even more dangerous.


1- L Plus – Speed Of Light
2- L Plus – Carbon

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Out Now – @CrissyCriss – #CreateTheFuture

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Out Now - @CrissyCriss new single #CreateTheFuture is available

RELEASE DATE: 26th August 2014

(The Middle of Crissy’s Last 1Xtra Show)

Flash up your lighters, it’s time to show your appreciation! On 26th August, Crissy Criss’s last 1Xtra outing hits the airwaves. And, as the show reaches its apex, the stroke of midnight signals Create the Future has been released to online retailers, so while Crissy is on air, you can salute his work by copping it immediately.

The last decade has seen bass music, its roots firmly established in the underground, push shoots and branches up through the streets to mainstream acceptance, not only in the UK, but throughout the world. And undisputedly one of the most influential forces in this era of the low-end has been Crissy Criss.

There are few people who can claim to have been part of the D&B scene since childhood. He can though. Step-son to the legendary jungle pioneer Kenny Ken, he was learning to mix at age 9, playing on Kool FM at 11, taking his first steps into production at 12, and chalking up his first release at 17. Since then, as part of BBC Radio 1Xtra’s roster, he’s championed all flavours of D&B and given crucial exposure to many new artists.

But now it’s time to turn the page. Crissy Criss is leaving 1Xtra, so to celebrate his achievements, it’s only right he drops something victorious on Technique Recordings.

As the title Create the Future suggests, this track is about development. An almost deep house intro, rolling filtered piano chords around delicate stabs, is subsumed by a synthetic alarm-call and atmospherically- manipulated vocal samples as the beats and bass kick in. The sounds open and expands until a breakdown with tinges of soulful garage, before building back to an emotive climax.

This is music with emotion, euphoria and pedigree, and a highly-suitable marker for the end of Crissy Criss’s 1Xtra journey.

With every end comes the possibility of new beginnings, though. And as Create the Future lands, you know that Crissy will be busy living up to that title. So watch out, Crissy Criss has been released into the wild, so be prepared for what’s coming next.

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OUT NOW – Erb N Dub – Let Me Fly EP Feat Skoke & Damien Soul

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OUT NOW- Erb N Dub – Let Me Fly

Erb N Dub was last seen on Technique as part of the musical superhero team-up that goes by the name of Hashtag. Since then, he’s been busy adding brand new chapters to his story. From his live project, Wicked City, through his four deck sets combining D&B with scratches and live drums, to his mammoth undertaking of developing his own dance music studio complex, it’s clear he’s a musician with ambition.

And that ambition is perfectly summed up by the motto Let Me Fly, this EP’s title track. Skope shares production duties and smoking vocals are laced by Damien Soul. As Damien’s blue-sky voice soars over reinforced-concrete beats and gritty mids and basses, this brings alive the sound of summer in the city. With both a full-fat Club Mix, and a Radio Mix to choose from, this is an anthem that proves D&B can go hard even when the sun’s out.

Talking of going hard, next we step into Moshpit. Airy pads and chimes are quickly annihilated by uncompromising serrated-blade evolving synth strikes, building to a steel-toed dropkick as the beats and bass hit. This is grimey dancefloor material, for when its time to pull the ravers’ backs off the wall.

Parallax offers a new perspective. Classic-sounding arpeggiated figures dance and intersect, leading to a drop in which pared-back percussion makes way for a head-nodding pizzicato-flavoured bassline. This is catchy, bouncy music with a pedigree that stretches back to eighties electro.

Finally, Erb N Dub gives us Paper Chasing. This one will have a nostalgic feel for those heads who remember raving to dark techiness in the late nineties and early noughties. Classic tropes are reignited for 2014 in an almost beatless eulogy to that style. This is a no-apology, lighters in the air piece for those that know.

With this EP, Erb N Dub has proven once more, as if it needed proving, that he’s a consummate musician rather than simply an assembly-line beatmaker. Every track expertly delivers its own mood and atmosphere, each one different and each one powerful. So, it’s time to join the Erb N Dub journey and see where his ambition can take us now.

1. Erb N Dub & Skope – Let Me Fly (feat. Damien Soul) Club Mix
2. Erb N Dub & Skope – Let Me Fly (feat. Damien Soul) Radio Mix
3. Erb N Dub – Moshpit
4. Erb N Dub – Parallax
5. Erb N Dub – Paper Chasing
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OUT NOW – Digital – Digital Sound EP

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Digital – Digital Sound EP

Release Date: 6th July 2014

If you want a list of Digital’s achievements in the D&B game, well, unlucky, there just isn’t room for them all here. We can give you the headlines though: part of the original rave soundsystem scene since day one, nearly two decades of production experience, releases on virtually every well-respected label including Metalheadz, Reinforced, 31 and his own Function and Phantom Audio imprints. And now his uncompromising dubwise style has arrived on Technique.

First we land In the Basement. A sparse and spacey rhythm track marks out the intro as dark chords fade in and out of focus.
Then Digital shows the true meaning of dub as he twists a powerful sub-bass injection around unrelenting half-time beats. This is true post-modernist jungle, referencing the past’s blueprint while remaining steadfastly current.

New Age Jungle Funk breathes new life into some more classic junglist tropes. There’s percussion pushed to the boundary of aggressive distortion, raggamuffin stabs and rough-hewn bass. The monumental weight of the low-end is only accentuated by the shimmering glimmers of hi-hat and cymbal that weave their way through the mix. This is dark, late-night music for when it’s time for the set to get serious.

The package is finished off with three mixes of Midnight Moves, featuring the vocals of New Zealand’s Stepa. Her voice combines the ability to effortlessly float over the punch of the beats and bass with an intensity and attack all of its own. The original delivers the stripped-to-the-bone rawness we expect from Digital’s D&B, with the jagged landscape punctuated by the extra texture Stepa brings.

Meanwhile, TREi steps up on remix duties. The New Zealand DJ and producer has already proven his credentials with releases on labels as varied as Viper, Commercial Suicide and Shogun and consolidated his position with a second album last year. His Midday mix draws out the melodic underpinning of Midnight Moves while maintaining the percussive integrity at its heart. Then his Midnight mix takes things into the big room, delivering a mighty build-up and drop that’s bound to get the party moving.

Anyone who knows their bass music will need no persuasion to find room in their set list for this release. Digital’s name alone is all the seal of approval that a true aficionado will need.


1. Digital – In the Basement
2. Digital – New Age Jungle Funk
3. Digital – Midnight Moves feat. Stepa
4. Digital – Midnight Moves feat. Stepa (TREi Midday Remix) 5. Digital – Midnight Moves feat. Stepa (TREi Midnight Remix)

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