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Gradual release free EP

If Technique’s Spanish connection have flown under your radar so far, here’s your chance to catch up. Now, as the rest of us know, they might be drawing from neuro and tech influences, but producers Alerstorm and Ice Stereo, aka Gradual, have been quietly and methodically evolving their own formula. Not only does this three...

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MC Coppa

MC Coppa Beware Interview

Spanish production duo Alerstorm and Ice Stereo, aka Gradual, made their Technique debut last year with the mighty Ragnarok EP and they’re now ready to unleash another huge release in the shape of Beware / Swamp.


Gradual Interview

From their Spanish base, Alerstorm and Ice Stereo have been scorching multiple labels across Europe for years with their individual brands of neuro-influenced music. Now their powers have combined. This is Gradual and it’s time for the Ragnarok EP

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