To celebrate the release of our Technique Summer 2018 compilation we’re asking all the artists to reveal some of their favourite tracks, so here’s NC17’s Poolside Playlist.

The video says it all. Anytime i see cellphones and pools this song comes to my mind. I cant’t help it.. SHABBA!


Now this is a strange one… Growing up I was a huge wrestling fan. I was a massive fan of Hulk Hogan. So naturally I tried all the wrestling moves at the outdoor pool by our house. So every time I hear this song brings back to the summer of ’89 and doing drop kicks off the diving board on my mates… OH YEAAAAAAAAHHHH!


Yup Jaws. Anytime I see water that song enters my head. Whenever I wanted to push someone into the pool this is the song that would be replaying in my head.


Okay so don’t ask me why, but every summer at the end of every school year it was like a tradition to just jump into the pool, clothes and all, washing away all your sins from school year. I’ll never forget I had a ghetto blaster and my two best friends and i would literally pump this song, jump in the pool with our clothes on and get kicked out immediately. It was amazing.


Just listen to this song….. says it all 🙂