To celebrate the release of our Technique Summer 2018 compilation we’re asking all the artists to reveal some of their favourite tracks, so here’s L Plus’ Top 5 Technique tracks.

This tune is all-time classic, I played it few years in almost every mix. I know, sounds weird, but the tune is really wicked!


This tune was a massive DJ tool, ace of the aces in record bag! Every time I played it the crowd gets an adrenaline injection!


First I heared this one in a mix of Adam F several years ago in Slovakia. Few weeks ago it landed in my mailbox and that feeling was awesome 🙂


This was one of my early releases on Technique with amazing vocal. Somehow I realised people are expecting me to play this tune on gigs, so I’m still playing it. I have to 😀 And it works.


The real legend! This tune made real damage nine years ago when it was released and still has some locked power inside.