Over the last few years the Technique Recordings roster has gone from strength to even mightier strength. What with artists like L Plus, MaxNRG and Spectrem joining the camp, and homegrown talent like Tantrum Desire pushing the boundaries ever-further, the team is shaping up pretty nicely!

And now there’s a new name freshly signed exclusively to Technique, and that name is Document One. And yeah, before you ask, it’s that Document One. The production moniker of Matt King and Joe Froud from Oxford.

The guys that are responsible for reputation-making remixes for a multi-genre musical A-list including Moby, Professor Green and Rob Zombie. The ones that have racked up almost ten million views on YouTube and over half a million plays on their personal Soundcloud account. The team with a global DJing schedule and a ubiquitous radio presence. That Document One.

Of course you’re already familiar with their work in the more musical end of dubstep, so you might be surprised to see their name linked with a predominantly D&B-led label like Technique. Well, Matt and Joe have got more than one tempo up their sleeve, and now they’re pushing the BPMs past the 170 mark to deliver some heavy junglist goodness. Expect technoid synth-manipulation, kevlar-coated beats and floor-shaking bass all tied together with their trademark mastery of harmony and melody.

So get ready people, Document One and Technique Recordings have joined forces, and they mean business!