LA junglists Slogun and iOh, aka Kronology, released the Timelapse EP on Technique back in March so we caught up with them to see how the rest of the year went and what else they enjoyed.

How was 2015 for you and what have been your highlights of the year?
2015 was great for us! We got to make our debut as Kronology when we signed to Technique right as 2015 began, which was an awesome way to start the year. That definitely set the tone for things moving in the right direction moving forward!

What did you release on Technique in 2015 and how was the response?
We released our own 3 track EP, along with 3 individual tunes on various compilations and a remix. Our tune “Submerge” that we did with Divine Elements took off and did well on the charts and in the clubs, which was a huge thrill for us, and definitely a highlight of our career so far!

Favourite other Technique artists of 2015?
Hard question! For 2015, L Plus and Erb n Dub put out lots of great music as they always do, and Document One had a huge year for sure – with a roster this deep it’s hard to pick and choose!

Best gig of 2015?
Control @ The Avalon in Hollywood

Best singles / EPs of 2015?
So many to choose from… Pop It Off by The Prototypes, Pull Me Under by Dimension, and the One Tonne Of Bass EP by L Plus all come to mind.

Best albums of 2015?
Tantrum Desire “Diversified”, Rene LaVice “Play With Fire” and Rudimental “We The Generation” were all huge.

Best labels of 2015?
Technique (of course), Liquicity and Viper.

Best films of 2015?
Dope and Straight Out Of Compton

Best TV shows of 2015?
Rick and Morty, Moonbeam City and The Walking Dead.

What have you been doing recently?
Both of us just did some traveling for the holidays, but now were both back home in LA and back in the studio.

When is your next Technique release?
It’s in the works and you’ll know more sooner than later 😛

Where are you spending Christmas?
Both of us will be home here in Los Angeles with family and loved ones.

Which up-and-coming artists should we look out for in 2016?
Muzzy, The Voss, Memtrix, and Gradual to name a few

What’s your new year’s resolution?
To focus our efforts and make this year twice as big as last!