Have you got what it takes to feature on this year’s Technique Summer album? Now we’ve launched the Technique Music Academy, it’s time for the next move in our plan to bring through the new generation of musical talent.

As part of our 20thAnniversary celebrations, we’re giving up-and-coming producers a chance to feature on this year’s Summer album. Here are the rules:

  • Have a summer DnB track ready to submit. One entry per artist/team please, so make sure it’s a good ‘un!
  • Send it to demos@techniquerecordings.co.uk by 2 March 2019.
  • We’ll pick our favourite entry to feature on the Technique Summer 2019 album. We might even pick more than one if it’s a close call! Couldn’t be simpler!

Here are some extra hints and tips:

  • We’re asking for a summer DnB track, so you have to work out how to interpret that. Listen to our Summer LPs from previous years to get an idea of the type of tunes that make it onto the album.
  • It’s not about making what’s fashionable, so don’t try and chase trends. We want to create a soundtrack to people’s summer: music for days at the beach, barbecues, road trips, chilling in the garden, holidays… if it makes people dance, that’s all good too, but this isn’t an album of rave bangers.
  • So, stick to your style, and remember the brief! We’re making a Summer album here, so a track called “Frostbite” peppered with blizzard FX and samples of Jon Snow saying “Winter is coming” isn’t going to fit in. Nor are overly-hard, militant, dancefloor-pulverising tracks. Showing you’ve paid attention to what we’ve asked for is a definite plus.
  • Only send finished tracks! We’re not looking for WIPs, pretty-much-finished-but-just-needs-a-mixdown, or need-to-work-more-on-the-second-drop submissions. We want music that doesn’t need to make excuses.
  • Finally, if you don’t win a spot on the Summer album, don’t let it knock your confidence! When it comes to music, sometimes what determines the winners and losers is simply personal taste. Keep it moving, keep honing your skills, and be ready when the next opportunity arises!