The sunshine was here in full force last week and everyone was out and about getting their festival and BBQ fix. The other thing that’s out in full force is our Technique Summer 2017 album. Dropping at the start of the month and it’s full of summertime bangers. Get your copy here.

In light of the good weather and music feels, Tapolsky & vovKING have given us their BBQ playlist. Check it out.

1. Camo & Krooked – Good Times Bad Times
Amazing tune for listening. We love that minimalistic melodic stuff.

2. Rootkit – Too Late
Love that melodic atmosphere. Good unobtrusive music.

3. Milkyway – Fairy Tale
Just ideal tune by new project Milky Way.

4. Tantrum Desire – Gravitate
Cause it fries you, like BBQ ?

5. Wilkinson – Sweet Lies
It’s sweet as your mood when you’re at a BBQ!