This month’s Technique Podcast is mixed by Divine Elements. It’s a rare commodity these days to find both uniqueness and originality in an artist. Divine Elements delivers both, and the Los Angeles-based Drum & Bass production crew does it with serious fire. Not only do they make some intense dancefloor stompers, but they can hit you with a crushing three deck mix or an all-out live performance.

Having been a driving force in Los Angeles’ Drum & Bass since 2003, these guys are deep rooted in one of the U.S.’ top DnB scenes, headlining at some of the city’s best clubs, like Respect, Dim Mak Studios, Avalon, House of Blues, Keyclub and massive events like Beatdown, Legendz and History.

Today the crew is still holding it down strong as one of the top West Coast producers of dancefloor Drum & Bass.

1. Ekko, Sidetrack & Gran Calavera- Snowden (Viper Recordings)
2. Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith- Sputnik (Technique Recordings)
3. DC Breaks- Shaman VIP (RAM Records)
4. Reso- Move It (Hospital Records)
5. The Prototypes- Pop It Off feat. Mad Hed City (Viper Recordings)
6. Tantrum Desire- Shuffle (Technique Recordings)
7. Document One- Body Like Wow (Technique Recordings)
8. Divine Elements- Drive (Audioporn Records)
9. June Miller- Bad Brains (RAM Records)
10. Kronology- Razor Sharp (Technique Recordings)
11. Hypoxia- Badass (Titan Records)
12. Neonlight & Wintermute- Insomnia (Blackout Music NL)
13. Dimension (UK)- Whip Slap (MTA Records)
14. Wilkinson & TC- Hit The Floor (RAM Records)
15. Spor- Coconut (Sotto Voce Records)
16. Divine Elements- Heart On Fire (Audioporn Records)
17. Erb n Dub & Skope feat. SMK- Pull It Back feat.
18. Smooth- The Black Hole (Viper Recordings)
19. Astronaut vs. Barely Alive- Raga (TC Remix) (Disciple Recordings)
20. L Plus- Red Planet (Technique Recordings)
21. Tantrum Desire- Genesis (Technique Recordings)
22. Hamilton- Feel The Fury (RAM Records)
23. Erb n Dub- Moshpit (Technique Recordings)
24. Mob Tactics- Wolf Trap CIP (RAM Records)
25. Kronology & Divine Elements- Submerge (Technique Recordings)
26. 2dB- Check Out The Bounce- (Technique Recordings)
27. TC- First of The Year
28. Tantrum Desire- Nightmare (Technique Recordings)
29. Divine Elements- Don’t Stop (Audioporn Records)
30. Mob Tactics- The Answer (MTA Records)
31. Friction vs. Dimension- Kinetic (Shogun Audio)
32. Tantrum Desire- Oblivion (Technique Recordings)