To celebrate the release of our Technique Summer 2018 compilation we’re asking all the artists to reveal some of their favourite tracks, so here’s Deuce & Charger’s top ten summertime drum & bass tracks.

Loads of artists try way too hard to write a big summer smasher and really overcook it. This, on the other hand, is an effortless tune which captures that lazy summer vibe with subtle, intricate production that you can listen to on repeat.


This has all the classic summer tune ingredients – a soulful vocal, uplifting brass and loads of positive energy.


One of the stand out tracks from last year’s Technique Summer LP. Ethereal vocals and organ create a magical, hazy summer atmosphere.


A summer top 10 wouldn’t be complete without a summer romance tune and this is the one for us.


It’s hard to argue with this one – pounding pianos and a big vocal make this a pretty irresistible summer hit.


The best summer tunes mix euphoria with just a bit of melancholy, reminding you of those endless summers gone by. This dreamy tune gets the balance just right.


Ok, so not a classic (yet!) but this is a personal one for us. It reminds us of making some great friends in the scene last summer and topping it all off with a set at Let It Roll and this coming out as the lead track on the Mayan Audio Summer LP.


It’s tempting to be cynical about this tune but the handclaps, brass and ascending chord progression combine for a perfect summer festival anthem.


This is a driving, yearning tune with a massive vocal that demands a hands-in-the-air singalong. It’s perfect for sweaty summer clubs or festivals.


Knowing summer is going to end means we all make the most of it. This reflective track captures that bittersweet summertime sadness.