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Drum and bass has grown up a lot since its UK-centric formative days. You’ve probably noticed that, over the last few years, Technique Recordings has been instrumental in bringing a host of international talent to wider prominence in the scene.

Names like L Plus, MaxNRG, Spectrem and Document One are now regular fixtures on the tracklists of top echelon DJs for raves and radio alike. So, fresh for 2015, here’s the latest addition to this fast-expanding global operation. Meet Gradual.

If you’ve been paying attention to the tightly-knit Spanish D&B scene, then you’ll already know about the DJs and producers called Alerstorm and Ice Stereo. And you’ll know they’ve been steadily building their skills and profile for around seven years, dropping heavy releases on multiple imprints across Europe.

If, however, you haven’t been paying attention then you may have formed your own misguided idea of what Spanish D&B is all about. Maybe some laid-back, sun-kissed Mediterranean vibes with a bit of classical guitar thrown in? Well, check your prejudices and think again.

These two have been ripping things up with their own brand of dark, deep and complex tear-out neuro-influenced drum and bass. They’ve given us force-laden rhythmic motifs folded and reshaped into multiple forms with layers of effortlessly technical bass and devastatingly powerful riffs.

They’ve given us tight and aggressive drums that punch right in the solar plexus. That’s the style that’s seen Alerstorm and Ice Stereo cement their status in the world of D&B. When, three years ago, they recognised their complementary perspectives and began collaborating, it was clear that this team-up had the potential for even bigger things.

And those bigger things have arrived in the form of a signing to Technique Recordings. Gradual, as the duo are now known, are now trained and ready to flex their skills for a wider audience than ever before.

Here are two producers who’ve paid their dues and are prepared for Technique to take them to the next level. It’s time for Spanish D&B to take its place on the big stage and show us all what it’s really made of.