What Is Your Desire

You already know Tantrum Desire. They regularly destroy raves and festivals worldwide as DJs. Their productions are heard everywhere from purist D&B DJ sets to daytime Radio 1.

They’ve shaped a sound which weaves in dubstep and electro influences to push the boundaries of drum & bass. You know that already so, of course, you’d expect their new release to continue the evolution. And it does.

First up is What Is Your Desire, featuring the vocal talents of I-Kay, who D&B aficionados will recognise from anthems by the likes of Danny Byrd and Sigma. This is unmistakably the sound of now. Euphoric vocals soar over electro-tinged synths, building to a drop which delivers low-end power multiplied by I-Kays energy. This is mind manipulation, turning up your serotonin levels whether you like it or not.

That’s just the radio edit. Next is the Dance Floor Pressure Mix which strips out the vocals and turns up the filth to deliver a serrated-edge version. Tantrum Desire keep the percussive riffs and builds, but add more weight in the bass to fulfil the needs of the sub-hungry junglist.

Another twist in the tale is provided by dubsteps teenage prodigy Kinzy, whose mix grimes it up even further. Hes taken Tantrum Desire’s original story and set it in a sparse urban soundscape, populated by snarling bass tones and vicious drums.

Not to be outdone on the darkness, Tantrum Desire then deliver Unicorn. This opens with percussive riffs and spacey strings, building to a half-speed D&B drop. Bass, mid and high-end do battle, shifting focus rapidly between frequency ranges to keep the dancefloor energised.

What Is Your Desire and Unicron serve to showcase the versatility of the Tantrum Desire sound. Given their track record of tracks and records you know these are sounds youll soon be hearing spun by everyone from original junglists to brand new converts.