Us / When the Lights Go feat. Luca Mia

With releases on labels like Low Down Deep, Young Guns and Bites, Tesen has been rubbing shoulders with the elite of dancefloor-destroying jump-up for years now. But his Profile collab ‘Fusion’, which dropped on Technique, marked a shift in his style, adding a shadow-tinged edge of darkness.

This time, now officially part of the Technique roster, Tesen’s flying solo. Will we see a further evolution of his sound?

A sparse and moody intro sets things off in “Us”. Then Tesen wrong-foots us with a building synth-pizzicato tone that keeps ramping the pitch and the tension higher. Then we drop hard into a stripped-back beat and bassline science display. Enough funk and energy to move a dancefloor, with added technical twist-ups of timbres at every turn.

Then we have “When the Lights Go”. And this one brings the sunlight. Gorgeous piano and delicate atmospherics define the intro, before Luca Mia’s vocals drop us into a pool of liquid soul. This is as much about Tesen playing games with melodic elements as it is aimed at the dance. For those who appreciate musicality in their DnB, you’ll be feeling this one.

So this is Tesen at the next level, reconfiguring the formula to give us something brand new. And, now he’s allied with Technique, the possibilities are limitless.