Unleashed / Twerk It

It’s been clear for a while now that Tantrum Desire’s name on a track makes it a download-on-sight proposition for discerning selectors. Now, back on his home turf of Technique Recordings, it’s time to see what he’s got for us next.

Up first is “Unleashed”. Discordant orchestral swirls and an incisive blade of bass surround us with shadows. But, then, a rolling, evolving drum pattern shows us the light at the end of tunnel, building to an elephantine drop. TD smacks us with an insistent pulse of low-end and aggressively stark beats. This is militant music aimed straight at the dancefloor, reconfiguring elements of jump up to maximise the hype levels. But, make no mistake, the weight in the bassline, the punch of the drums, and the clinically lethal production make this, above all, a Tantrum Desire tune.

“Twerk It” has a hint of that tension-building darkness in the intro, but Tantrum Desire has much more to show us. As chords and bass rise and fall, morphing between keys and moods, leading us to one of TD’s signature huge builds, the tune becomes epically cinematic. And that’s before it’s even dropped. Then raw savagery of the bassline cuts through the atmosphere with ninja precision, and things get even more hectic from there. Some wickedly slick modulations and kidney-punch drums make this an essential weapon of dance destruction.

Tantrum Desire’s got this down to a science. His tunes are consistently at the business end of the download charts because they consistently connect with ravers. And, judging by this release, that’s not likely to change any time soon.