Trinity Vol 1 EP

When a Crissy Criss release drops, it’s time to pay attention. As one of the UK’s most prominent faces of bass-heavy music, his 1Xtra show has consistently proven his position at the cutting edge of dubstep and D&B. And with that on his CV, you know his own productions always have to push the boundaries just a little bit further.

First on the agenda is Superstar. Opening with filtered percussion and a vocoder hook this joins the dots between eighties electro and its love-child, trap. Then a squelching bass and driving beat kick in to tie everything together in a full-fat drum and bass drop. This is 2014 music, tying together strands of multiple bass-led genres in a typically Crissy fashion.

Then we have Rinsin’ Selection. A dark-tinged introduction builds a claustrophobic atmosphere, ratcheting up the tension to breaking point. Then the drop explodes onto the scene, opening up the track into a techstepping floor-filler. Tightly programmed beats and percussive chords keep the energy high, guaranteed to get the rave moving.

Finally, the Deadexit rework of Let Go. After two slices of D&B, this is where Crissy indulges his other passion, dubstep. Expansive strings and reverberating samples swirl around the mix, elements separating and recombining until they resolve into the screwface-inducing drop. As expertly-crafted call and response patterns drive the track through the bass and mid-range, it’s clear this is one for the dancefloor.

Over this EP, Crissy Criss has delivered his signature combination of everything that’s current in the world of bass-heavy music. Drawing from dubstep, trap, and D&B, this release demonstrates the state of the art right now, so is bound to find a place in any set wherever dancefloors require basslines.