The Arena

Lovers of high-impact, high-drama, dancefloor-attuned DnB know it’s time to sit up and pay attention when a Tantrum Desire release drops. Not just a creator of some of the most monstrous anthems to grace streams, raves and festival stages, but also one of the wickedest selectors on the circuit, this is a producer who knows exactly how to move a crowd.

So, let’s step into ‘The Arena’ and see what’s up.

Interleaving pads, disturbed by fluctuating touches of distant timbres, set the tone. Drums enter to deliver a juddering pulse and ramp up the anticipation. Then, to add one more twist, TD breaks things back down, adding the first hints of a call-to-action synth riff and ghostly vocals, then onwards to a surging build.

As the bassline, beat and riff hit together, it’s obvious we’re in the presence of something irresistible. We’re rolling with that classic vibesy jungle recipe of manipulated breaks, a heavyweight low-end and samples. But, this is Tantrum Desire at work, so watch for his pristine synth-work and those trademark cinematic atmospheres he’s used to carve his signature on the sound.

Excitingly, here we’re getting to see Tantrum Desire revisiting some of the junglist themes he explored on his ‘Diversified’ album. And, we already know he’s got a myriad of other styles and flavours in his musical toolbox so we can’t wait to see what possibilities he’s going to explore next.