Technique Summer 2016

Technique’s annual summer compilation has become one of the highlights of the label’s release schedule and this year’s edition is no exception.

Technique Summer 2016 features 37 tracks from across the drum & bass spectrum hand picked by Drumsound & Bassline Smith.

The label bosses themselves roll through with the fluid jungle of the Solah-laced “Cover Our Eyes”, the no-holds-barred funk of “Rise of the Black Panther” and their epic dubwise collaboration with Digital, “First World Problem”.

And then there are the big name cameos from artists not normally seen under the Technique banner. Brookes Brothers and Danny Byrd team up with the uplifting drive of “Climb High”, matched in hands-in-the-air power by the euphoric piano of The Prototypes’ “Don’t Let Me Go”. J Majik recruits 78° and Louie Cabrera for “Day I Left” and “Elastic” respectively. And the mighty DJ SS drops an emotively claustrophobic killer in the form of “Expression”.

Of course, the regular regiment of Technique soldiers are present and correct too. Tantrum Desire delivers the tech atmospherics of “Tesoro”, while Kronology subverts the big-room sound with the unpredictable twists and turns of “Everyday”. L Plus backs up rumbling bass and popping beats with entwined chord patterns in “Invincible”. Plus Document One show two different sides to their character, with the jazz funk vibe of “Klaxon” and the paranoid sci-fi of “Say What”.

And we’re nowhere near covering everything this album has to offer. From the jungle tear-out of Brian Brainstorm’s “Badman Selector” to the minimal magic of Oder’s “Mesmerize”, via the liquid purity of Salaryman’s “He Knows”, this is a journey that needs to be experienced. Any selection that takes you straight from Fade’s “Disco Ball” into Conspire’s “Glare of Brass” then to Salaryman’s “Synthesized Melancholia” is making a statement about the strength in depth of the D&B genre right now.

If all that wasn’t enough, all the tracks are featured on two continuous mixes by Kronology.