Sound Question

Each new release from Technique’s L Plus emphatically confirms his status as a DnB heavyweight. Only recently, we’ve heard his tune ‘The Orion’ scorching sets and streams from some of the biggest deejays in the scene. Real heads know to watch for everything that comes from this guy’s studio, so, if you’ve been sleeping, now’s the time to remedy the situation and jump on the L Plus hype train.

‘Sound Question’ gets things running from beat number one. A blend-friendly sixteen bars of drums and pulsing bass get things started, setting the scene with some rising vibesy chords. And then we’re delivered into the tune properly with an absolutely anthemic breakdown. With powerful, almost stadium rock vibes that will simultaneously spawn screw-faces, gun fingers and hands-in-the-air, L Plus has gone big.

All that, and there’s still a drop coming.

A catchy, funk-invades-the-main-stage bassline drives the energy onwards backed with bulletproof pumping drums. And there’s even more to discover. Little film soundtrack melodies and deftly-dropped samples shimmer into view before giving way to the next part of the journey. Once again, L Plus shows us how he can grab our attention and hold it, and whether you’re playing this clean or in the mix, the vibe-controlling possibilities are clear.

So, we’ve got another absolute heater from L Plus. Technicality and musicality combine into a style that delivers every single time. Get to know!