Technique Recordings institution and international crowd favourite Tantrum Desire is back once again! Anthems like ‘Vybez’, ‘Unleashed’ and the Drumsound & Bassline Smith collaboration ‘The Bomb’ have repeatedly confirmed his status among the scene’s elite. And, now, he’s back with the first taste of his hotly-anticipated ‘Blue Moon EP’.

This is ‘Shimmy’.

The dark-tinged cinematic drama of the intro unfolds gradually, adding layers of bass-weight and seething percussion to the tension-ramping pads and arpeggios. We all know that Tantrum Desire is a master of melding epic openings into savage raver-pummelling drops, so, as the track builds and expands, we’re ready and braced for impact.

Really, there’s no preparing for what’s coming, though. A bouncy funked-up bassline goes back-to-back with a pair of metronomically regular stabs to keep the dancefloor in check. And then Tantrum Desire takes things even further, with curve-ball fills and pitch-bending switch-ups. Musicality meets mayhem as an irresistible groove collides with immovably solid bass and beats.

Let’s be honest: every Tantrum Desire production is a big tune. And he’s done nothing to mess up his hit rate this time. With all the elements required to be a ubiquitous deejay weapon, better watch out for ‘Shimmy’ lighting up raves and airwaves everywhere.