Amidst a schedule full of hyping up dances across Europe from behind the decks, luckily L Plus found time to create a brand new banger.

“Rocks” co-opts words from physics icon Stephen Hawking to narrate the opening. We’re being invited on a interstellar musical journey, moving through expansive layers of regal chords. There’s an old skool raviness in the harmonies, gently punctuated by touches of percussion. And then he cuts through all that and slams us hard in the face with a force nine build.

We’re landed in a soundscape dominated by an impossibly bouncy bassline, ricocheting between modulations. Steel-gloved punches of kick and snare drive the wave of energy, while little touches of acidic synth fly the flag for those early nineties vibes. Amidst rib-rattling low end and rhythm-programming fireworks, this tune does exactly what the title promises.