Revolution EP

Document One have already proven their credentials in the world of electronic dance music. Their songwriter’s instinct for harmony and melody, melded seamlessly with the powerful beats and bass required by discerning dancefloors mean that they’ve quickly built an impressive reputation. Between their genre-spanning remix work for names like Rob Zombie, Moby and Professor Green, their rave and radio ubiquity and their global DJing schedule, they’ve made waves across the scene. And now they’ve landed on Technique for some D&B business.

First off is Revolution. Effervescent natural samples set the scene, but then Document One signal danger with the onset of a militant beat. Synthetic glitches disturb the peace even further, and then things are teched up to breaking point until the drop strikes hard. And when it does, it tells the story of a serene melodic landscape being defaced with digital warpaint. This is marching music, proving that these boys aren’t playing at D&B, they’re doing it properly.

Then we go sci-fi with Are We Alone. And this is no gentle saunter through the solar system, it’s the soundtrack to a harsh and brutal alien invasion and subsequent enslavement of the population. Driving bass and mid call and response patterns force ravers to move at sub-point, while stuttering drums add an extra layer of insistence. This is a dark and technical sound, but with all the energy required when the big room needs a hype injection.

And just in case you thought Document One had left their melody at Technique’s front door, we have something cut from a different mould with Kindness for Weakness, showcasing the jazz-infused voice of Sam Friend. Aficionado-pleasing drum edits bounce around elegant string and piano samples and subtle synth ornaments. Simultaneously, low end weight provides a counterpoint to Sam’s soaring vocals. Altogether, this is a display of expertise from a crew who have mastered their craft.

So this is Document One’s warning shot. This is their statement of intent that they have some lethal D&B moves and they’re not afraid to use them. Get to know their junglist side and brace yourselves because, for Document One on Technique Recordings, this is only the first assault.