Tantrum Desire’s 2015 debut album “Diversified” demonstrated the sheer range and depth of music that the TD studio was capable of delivering. With tunes as varied as the gigantic “I Need You Here”, the aggressively percussive “Pump” and the classically lo-fi “Back for Love”, this LP reflected almost every flavour that D&B has to offer.

The project isn’t over yet, though. Now, we’re being treated to a series of remixes to offer even more twists to the formula. For this instalment, the Document One boys have dissected and reconfigured the Coppa-laced “Repeat”.

The elements of this tune suit Document One’s jazzfunk-hip-hop approach to D&B perfectly. A darkly atmospheric intro drops into Coppa’s vocals backed by a subtle half-speed beat. We get a moment to get used to nodding our heads to this before things are twisted into hyper-rave-mode with synth-stabs signalling it’s time to get set.

Then the grimy warp of the bassline hits, with Document One’s signature popping drums and funk energy. Coppa’s bars ride over the top, providing extra boosts of percussive energy to keep the dancefloor bubbling. And the old skool breakdown and big build into the second drop means that this is more than just a simple roller, it’s got the weight and power to do serious damage in the rave.

This is only round two of the “Diversified” remix series, and already it’s clear that there’s way more to explore in the Tantrum Desire sound. And with the kind of talent that Technique have on the roster for relick duties, we should expect nothing but fireworks.