Rebel Anthem

This is a collaboration that was bound to happen. Both No Concept and Mad Hed City have been carving uncompromisingly original paths through bass-heavy music, and it was inevitable their scenic routes through genres and sub-genres would eventually intersect. ‘Rebel Anthem’ catches all the artists involved at absolutely prime-time, coming together to deliver a piece of work that flexes their powers to maximum effect.

From the confident restraint of the fade-in, this tune has got wheel-up written all over it. Intensifying vocals are deployed perfectly to add fist-in-the-air inspiration to the rising arc that leads to the drop, giving us a forty-eight bar intro that creative deejays all over are going to find a place for, both in the blend and run from the edge.

The electrical storm of a bassline that explodes onto the scene leads the way, modulating through timbres and bending across pitches as No Concept and Mad Hed City stamp their authority on the track. Deftly-programmed fills, a punchy roll-out drum pattern and sing-along vocal motifs complete the picture and make this a powerful weapon for selectors.

It’s a bold move to put ‘anthem’ in the name of your track, but No Concept and Mad Hed City have lived up to the promise and delivered exactly that. ‘Rebel Anthem’ hits hard.