Priceless EP

Since L Plus signed to Technique he’s become a fixture of the global drum and bass scene as a remixer and a DJ. And, of course, he’s constantly killing it with his releases, so expect more murderation from the Priceless EP.

He gets us straight into the midst of the action with The Price. A spit-along vocal sample, funkstep bass and ultra-clean drum programming combine to deliver an urgent introduction to the EP.

Then a curve-ball as jungle drums and atmospheric riffs create a lighters-in-the-air work-out in Generation.

Next, we enter the the trademark L Plus realm of Heart Breaking, twisting together influences as diverse as R&B and house with old and new skool sounds making something unique.

Finally, this EP has one more trick up its sleeve, with Rock That B. Here, L Plus shows off his compositional skill as high-energy riffs, beats and bass work together to create another facet of his unique style.

If you had any doubt that L Plus brings something special to the table, it’s releases like this that settle the argument. He’s got the musical and technical ability to do something a bit different, so he does. If you haven’t tuned in to this man’s work, then it’s about time.