For those that know what’s up in the bass-heavy music scene, Tantrum Desire’s album, Diversified, is one of the most anticipated releases of 2015.

You just need to check recent sets and radio shows from heavy-hitters like Friction, DJ Hype and Drumsound & Bassline Smith to see that cuts from the LP are already making their presence felt. And now here’s the single to shows just how monumental the Tantrum Desire sound has become.

The intro is pure seduction, as a slick, laid-back underpins the light and grace of Solah’s vocals. As an edge of percussive hardness creeps into her voice, all of a sudden the energy builds and it’s clear there’s a switch-up coming.

The drop delivers that to full capacity, cutting through the smoky atmosphere with high-energy synth hits and the type of call and response between bass and mid-range that mark this out as pure Tantrum Desire.

If that wasn’t enough, the breakdown showcases jungle breaks along with the piano and vocals to show gratitude to the old skool. Oblivion is Tantrum Desire in concentrated form, a lethal dose of musicianship, ultra-clean production skills, respect for their D&B heritage and dancefloor hype.

This is a killer which is immediately going to find its place across raves and airwaves. Check it, and hold tight because the album Diversified has a lot more where that came from.