When Drumsound & Bassline Smith resurrected their Future Tech alter ego for Technique’s twentieth anniversary celebrations, it turned out to be the first strike in an ongoing campaign. Returning with the huge ‘Sabotage’, they’re back once again with the follow-up, already making waves in A-listers’ sets.

‘Multiverse’ shoots us straight into the outer reaches of the galaxy, an echoing sci fi manifesto laying out the formula. The enveloping pads and bleeps could be taking us anywhere, maybe into something laid-back and atmospheric. Not this time. A vicious barb of bass scythes through the vibe and it’s clear things are about to turn a lot more grimey.

The powerhouse, make-them-wait-for-it build and stomping drop makes this a go-to for double-drop fans. And that high-voltage counterplay between low-end legato and mid-range staccato bass is precision-tooled to destroy any dance. Then, the breakdown back into those intergalactic vibes from the intro creates one of those perfect euphoric, hands-in-the-air rave moments.

There are tones drawn from the old skool palette but, make no mistake, this is music for right now. Whatever name they go by, Future Tech, Drumsound & Bassline Smith or any other, these producers are never content to rest on their legend status. The evolution continues.