The last time the name 2DB – the rough and gritty rave-smashing alter-ego of Drumsound & Bassline Smith – appeared on a Technique Recordings release was with their nuclear remix of ‘R U Ready’ from the ’20 Years of Technique’ remix album. From that, and their previous output, we’ve learned the lesson that, when these producers draw for the 2DB moniker, there’s something savage on the way.

And ‘Mesmerized’ continues that trend.

An expansive intro made of warm pads and reverberating hits makes way for the distinctive synth that drives up through the frequency register and towards the inevitable bomb burst of the drop. The 2DB sound might be at the rawer end of these producers’ output, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deliver it with expert-level finesse. Tension ramps up, the vibe is set, and things are about to go off.

You see, we’re clearly in wheel-up territory as soon as ‘Mesmerized’ drops. A throbbing adrenaline-fuelled heartbeat of bass immediately delivers energy, and that vicious but still soaringly melodic mid-range timbre that punctuates it provides the perfect counterpoint. And, as if that wasn’t enough, there are even gorgeous little touches of soulful vocal peppered through the mayhem.

This is another one from 2DB that’s going to drop like heavy ordnance across raves and airwaves. Watch out for this being dropped by deejays from all sides of the scene.