Let Me Know

This release comes as the latest in a surge of highly-regarded, level-raising releases from Technique’s No Concept. ‘Be The 1’, ‘Remember’ and ‘Falling’ quickly became some of their most celebrated tunes to date so, having raised the bar, the No Concept boys are hear to vault it once again.

‘Let Me Know’ opens with a chilled moment of ethereal melody. Simple and stripped back, until the approach of rolling drums transports us immediately to blissed out summer DnB memories. The hazy chords stand aside and allow soulful vocals to take centre stage. Right from the intro, this is sunlight DnB.

And then the tune drops, delivering a pure dose of atmospheric liquid-infused music. Those sharp, precise drums anchor the tune to the dancefloor, while allowing the building harmonies, melodies and vocals to propel the music onwards. No Concept construct a multi-layered, musically-potent landmark right before our eyes and ears without ever losing touch with that raw emotivbe vibe.

This might be No Concept’s furthest excursion yet into this style and, once again, it cements how accurate their name is. With no fixed concept or formula of what their sound should be, they simply deliver drum ‘n’ bass music of all shades and tones. This is No Concept on a roll.