Kill The Snake

MaxNRG has repeatedly proven that he’s perfectly prepared to twist up a sub-genre or two in his quest for dancefloor mastery. We’ve seen him experiment with multiple shades of the drum and bass palette and funnel all of them through his highly individual approach to musicality. The only constant is the presence of rock-hard drums and lethal bass. Even in his craziest excursions, it’s all about the rave.

In “Kill the Snake”, Max casts his mad scientist’s eye onto a blending of styles. There’s that high-energy big-room vibe somehow entwined with a more claustrophobic technoid, neuro flavour. This counterpoint is established right from the intro, as low, menacing strings are offset by a modulating ravey synth in the high end. These sounds lay the foundation for a documentary dialogue sample that gives the track it’s title. Then clean pizzicato strikes mesh with an alarm-call riser to take this sound-melding tune to the drop.

The bass and beats are, as you’d expect from MaxNRG, clinically merciless. Ear-poppingly pressurised drums ride along a driving undercurrent of grittiness in the bass. The mids and highs fulfil that smooth-and-serrated combination that was laid out in the intro and take us effortlessly through building layers of drama. The energy just doesn’t quit.

It’s clear by now that MaxNRG is a big fan of taking established ideas and reconfiguring them almost beyond recognition. Whether it’s from instinct or meticulous study, his understanding of the form shines through, without ever distracting from the drum and bass heartbeat at the core of his music. This is intelligent rave music that hits hard.