Hide Away My Heart

Ukrainian drum and bass pioneer MaxNRG signed to Technique Recordings last year, and instantly proved his credentials with his debut EP, Prometheus. So, time to show off more of this flavour.

And that flavour, has a lot to do with subtle melodic skill, which is at the top of the agenda for Hide Away My Heart.

Before you can float away completely on a cloud of euphoria, though, Max reminds you why we’re all here and unleashes his aggressive side with a dancefloor-filling hardline drop.

And just to show you don’t need to be a junglist to feel the MaxNRG hype, he delivers Dubstep and House relicks along with soon-to-be-ubiquitous Radio and Instrumental versions.

And even that’s not the end of the story, as Danger Zone proves. Now this musicality is deployed to create an unsettling horror-movie landscape, populated by tormented samples, before filtered beats and a gravelly bassline slowly move into view to draw you into the paradigm

If you haven’t got to know about this artist yet, then you’d better not miss out on this release. Cop this and get to know the full spectrum of MaxNRG.