Heavy Mental / Faces

L Plus has proved his credentials with a string of releases, including the recent Amazing EP, which showcased his ability to bring the sounds of the old skool into the present day. And you can hear that signature style once again with this release.

Faces combines a lighters-in-the-air vocal hook with the euphoria and power of early hardcore. After drawing you into the melodic patterns it drops you into some bleep and bassline madness. This is drum and bass back to the roots, except the roots have been ripped up and reconstructed into a weapon to beat your eardrums.

And then L Plus gives you Heavy Mental which, as the name suggests, is both heavy and…you guessed it…mental. He’s twisted up rising chord patterns, percussive synths and a growling bass to deliver an ever-building wall of sound that’s not going to let you stop skanking.

If you don’t know about the L Plus flavour, taking rave history and laser-tooling a modern arsenal out of it, then this release is a good place to start educating yourself.