Guided Rhythm

Whether you’re a dedicated drum and bass fan or not, you’ll know about Tantrum Desire’s last release, What Is Your Desire Ft I-Kay. Adding hundreds of thousands of YouTube views to serious rotation on Radio 1, 1Xtra, Kiss 109, it cemented this production duo’s position as leading purveyors of dancefloor demolition.

And now they’re back with Guided Rhythm, which takes the formula and adds steroids. The D&B mix drives up the energy levels with powerful stabs, an instant-classic vocal hook and a drop that delivers a kick of bass straight to your midsection.

And then there’s the dubstep version. Sparser beats allow the raw savagery of the bass to drive through, perfectly balanced with a counterpoint of alarm-call synths in the top end to make to wake up and keep skanking.

If you like bass, time to get to know about Guided Rhythm by Tantrum Desire.