It’s official. Technique have already kicked off shorts-and-sunshine season with the first taste of their Summer LP, in the form of Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s Holdin On. But, just in case you were still hesitating before drawing for the bikini and sun tan lotion, here’s the confirmation you were looking for. Summer’s here, and Tantrum Desire’s here with another slice of the album to prove it.

“Gravitate” opens into a darker-tinged soundscape than you might expect from a tune from a summer album. Evolving pads punctuated by tension-building synth-pizzicato and hints of percussion establish a shadow-laden atmosphere. As a vocal melody filters in, though, we see a chink of light, with a sheen of soul layered onto the sound. Then the darkness all makes sense, as we’re delivered expertly into the red glow of festival-at-sunset vibes.

The drop gives us that Tantrum Desire goodness that we all love. Rolling drums and a bouncing bomb-burst of a bassline keep the party moving, with the eponymous “Gravitate” sample making this instantly recognisable. And then there’s the sophisticated subtlety of little builds and risers to keep the energy at maximum. When the pads come back in to lead us into the breakdown, there’s a whole new dimension of hands in the air euphoria added. This is a tune perfectly designed for those main stage summer-night moments.

We’ve been treated to two cuts from this year’s Summer LP now, and Technique have brought out the big guns early. If previous compilations are anything to go by, though, even heavyweight pieces like this will only be a small fraction of what the full project has to offer. So, whatever the weather, it looks like this summer’s getting a serious dose of heat.