Decades-deep in the game, we saw scene stalwart Profile explode onto Technique Recordings in 2019 with his and Sub Killaz’ remix of ‘Give You the World’, the Crissy Criss & Youngman classic. Now, he’s back alongside new gen production sharpshooter Tesen, who’s been making waves with a raft of rave-savaging productions over recent years.

Opening with some slick jazz vibes, subtly-deployed brass and vocal samples riding over tight drums, ‘Fusion’ shows off these producers’ musicality as much as their instincts for sheer dancefloor destruction. The rising cadence that leads us towards the bassline is infused with laid-back smoky soul, making the inevitable madness that follows even more heightened.

As the drums and vocals resolve together, the moment of exquisite harmony is viciously undercut by the raw power of the bass. Tesen and Profile’s driving, serrated-edge blade of mid-range, teamed with militant sub-bass, and punctuated with twisted staccato stabs give the dance exactly what it needs. This is going to hit hard.

The dextrously programmed samples that create the vibe in ‘Fusion’ show that these two producers have got more in the locker than hard drums and screwface basses. Yeah, sure, they can do those all day, but they’ve also brought their secret weapon to bear: an aficionado’s ear for chord construction. Classy and classic, and never less than heavyweight, the killer combo of Tesen and Profile is one to watch closely.