Now a fixture of the DnB calendar, the Technique Summer album has been lighting up the scene with its combination of freshly-discovered talent and certified vets since its 2016 debut. In 2018, one of the biggest tunes from the LP was Smooth’s “All Over the World”, which got heavy rotation on Radio 1 and 1Xtra, as well as in raves everywhere. So, it makes sense that our first taste of Technique Summer 2019 comes, once again, from man like Smooth.

“Forever” opens with a pure dose of euphoria. Loose, live-sounding drums, match with uplifting keys and pitch-shifted vocals to combine elements of the old skool with flavours of anthemic dancefloor liquid.

As the tune builds and drops, Smooth flexes his junglist’s instinct for break programming, with layers of percussion melding and morphing over warm, enveloping bass tones. Simultaneously high-impact and melodically mellow, this is the definition of summertime drum ‘n’ bass.

But that’s not all. You’re going to want to let this one run. There’s a beautifully constructed breakdown made of little flecks of vocal and chords that subtly shimmer and build back towards the energy-release of the second drop. Vibes guaranteed.

So, looks like Smooth’s done it again. He’s delivered another Technique Summer classic but, let’s not forget, this is just the first sampler from the album project. Every year there are surprises, new artists to discover, and new music from old favourites. The standard has been set, and now we can’t wait to check what the full album has to offer.