Feeling Good

From the underground to the mainstream, from the nineties to the present day, these artists are platinum-standard certified across all strata of the DnB scene. With every release hitting the upper reaches of the download charts, their CV speaks for itself.

So, no hype and fanfare required here. It’s a new Drumsound & Bassline Smith tune, so you’re going to want to check it out. Simple as that. Beginning with expansive, floating-in-space vibes, ‘Feeling Good’ wastes no time in heating things up.

Sixteen bars of calm-before-the-storm sample deployment, and then the build towards the mayhem begins. Touches of bass are backed up by approaching drums and it’s clear that we’re being set up for something particularly savage. And then the drop delivers. It’s the mid-range brutality which grabs your attention first, as a medical-grade screw-face bassline carves through the atmosphere. And then the elegantly twisted junglist elements and DBS’s trademark rolling beats maintain the energy at feverous levels. Whether chopped and blended in the mix or rolled out clean, this is weighty.

So, Drumsound & Bassline Smith keep it moving with another huge deejay weapon. Whether live, on radio, or on stream, this is one that A-list deejays are already dropping to huge effect. Better get to know.