Everyone / The Lost Moon

Technique’s Slovakian assassin is back. Fresh from dusting off a couple of classic cuts for the TECH 100 Retrospective LP, L Plus has managed to find the time in his ever-burgeoning international DJing schedule to supply something brand new.

Everyone goes percussive straight from the off with layers of monotonic synths to get your head nodding. The intensity builds until some unmistakeably L Plus-flavoured punchy drums and sweeping bass tones signal it’s time for the dancefloor to get moving. This is the sound of primitive tribalistic rhythmic interplay built from anything-but-primitive sound design. When DJs want to mix into a sure-fire party bubbler, here’s one to have ready at the other end of the crossfader.

Then The Lost Moon goes a touch more atmospheric. Intergalactic brass stabs are underpinned by a classic “Houston we have a problem” sample and rising warning tones to leave you in no doubt that the situation’s about to get critical. And critical is exactly what it gets with a complex call-and-response drop punctuated by sudden vibe-twisting fills. This track draws you in and fires the dancefloor off on a journey through hostile alien territory with no escape pod.

As usual with L Plus, there’s more than just a couple of expertly crafted party-wrecking DJ tools here. There’s also some serious production skills and musicality on show, making this release perfectly suited for the radio as well as the rave.