Error / Lurkers

Before this release, we’d previously seen Levela on Technique Recordings as part of the definitive “Summer 2018” album. His “Tribal Funk” was one of the standout cuts, with its neo-classic blend of rolling beats, vibesy live instrument samples, and scything basslines. No surprise then, that the call-up to deliver his follow-up Technique release was quickly forthcoming.

“Error” opens into an atmosphere of tension-building darkness. Increasingly discordant timbres swirl around warped percussive tones. An alarm call signals imminent danger. This is the sound of an underground black site laboratory where catastrophe is about to strike. And then it does. The explosive, reverberant, serrated-edged bassline that drops will have ravers begging for the reload, but you’re going to want to let this run to experience Levela’s glitched-up switch-ups in all their glory.

Then “Lurkers” continues the journey into the shadowlands. Metronomic heart-monitor bleeps and a seething undercurrent of approaching bassline danger set the mood in the intro. And then Levela drops us into a twisted and rhythmically unpredictable take on jump-up. Multiple offset patterns crunch against each other while the short controlled bursts of bassline drive the tune onwards.

Both these tracks are pure dancefloor drum ‘n’ bass, weaving together threads from the jump-up tradition, the roller revival, as well as a sinister edge of tech. And ravers from all corners of the scene are going to love it.