We catch Drumsound & Bassline Smith right in the middle of a run of huge releases. As well as their Technique output like ‘Nexus’ and ‘Power of the Future’, they’ve delivered ‘All Crews’, one of the stand-outs from V Recordings’ ‘Future’ album, and a huge remix of ‘Fire’ for Rampage alongside Tantrum Desire. And, continuing the trend, this release is already hitting hard, chalking up Radio 1 airplay and A-list deejay support everywhere.

And no wonder.

From bar number one, this is a classy and classic tribute to the essence of dance music culture. That dialogue sample, the house-tinged piano, the subtle stabs setting the scene; all combined to conjure those original uplifting rave vibes. Then, those punchy drums in the build delivering an almost-four-to-the-floor beat complete the picture. This is a shout out to the old skool, delivered by producers who know the score because they lived it first-hand.

And then we drop into a junglist paradise of breaks. There’s a barrage of Thinks, Amens, and more, pummelling the dance into submission while a guillotine-blade of bass delivers the coup de grĂ¢ce. Let’s be clear, though. This is a callback, not a throwback. The elements of early hardcore-into-jungle rave music are here, but configured into an unmistakeably contemporary track. One to unite the generations.

For those that know, Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s tunes are already a buy-on-sight proposition. And, ‘Ecstasy’, with it’s old-made-new-again ethos, is about to win a whole new regiment of fans. Stay locked for what’s next.