Crossfire EP 2

The first salvo of Crossfire hit at the beginning of last year, giving warning that Technique Recordings’ elite unit of producers were the ones to watch for 2012. Now it’s time to give 2013 the same treatment.

First up is Oxygen, from heavyweight outfit 2DB, drawing you in with subtle arpeggios and evolving riffs, creating a warm and melodic intro to the Crossfire experience.

Then Hashtag switch things up with a technoid workout in Don’t You Want Me. And there’s yet another style on display next with a steel-reinforced VIP mix of L Plus’s Time Travel.

Then MaxNRG drops Grimey Beats into the mix, a half-speed D&B stomper that combines elements of reggae, electro and R&B with devastating consequences.

L Plus comes back for a second contribution with End of Story, which twists his trademark silk-textured synths and street-hardened beats around subtle musical references.

Then 2DB wrap up proceedings with Spud Gun, a tune which rolls in under your radar before jumping out at you with a powerful assault of twenty-first century acid.

If you want the blueprint for 2013’s bass-heavy music, here it is. Time to cop Crossfire EP 2.