Chasing Stars / Get Da Funk

To say that Document One defy categorisation wouldn’t quite get across the whole truth. For one thing, it’s a cliché, and to use a cliché to describe their brand of gritty, smoky, jazz-inspired, funk-infused dancefloor D&B just wouldn’t be right. After all, they steer well away from cliché in their music, what with their expert melding of the light and the dark, the natural and the synthetic, the laid-back and the crowd-hyping. They’ve created their own category, and the two tracks on this release are here to stretch the limits of it a couple of notches further. Chasing Stars is the sound of effortlessness.

Two different flavours of drum, the techy kick and snare plus the loose cymbals and fills, roll alongside each other in the intro. Meanwhile noodling keys and the eponymous vocal riff create a gentle head-nodding vibe. Then, without breaking a sweat, Document One call this casual jam-session to order, with a grimy bassline that weaves the whole track into a tightly-knit roller. This is dangerous rave material that you don’t see coming.

Then “Get Da Funk” goes one step more groovy. Yeah, groovy. That’s the word for it. Horns and acoustic drums lay down the vibe, then a Motown-style vocal soars over the top to build things up. Then the drop gives us quintessential Document One, as bass and iron fist drums create a rhythmic combination with vocal and horn stabs that is absolutely irresistible. An ice-cool breakdown with added blues guitar gives the opportunity for even more hype in the second drop.

These tracks could easily be onstage recordings from some ultra-slick band. The deftly expert programming doesn’t detract from the feeling of live energy that Document One manage to get in their music. Like the best jazz or funk acts, it’s the sound of accomplished technicians letting loose and having some fun. And while they’re having fun, the ravers are too. This is D&B as only Document One do it.