Cash Money / Autonomy

A string of high-profile releases, with national radio and A-list deejay support along the way, mean that every new No Concept tune comes loaded with anticipation. After all, this year alone, they’ve taken us to the edge of darkside madness with their North Base collab ‘No Man’s Land’, they’ve delivered liquid bliss with their Technique Summer contribution ‘Who We Are’, and that’s before we even mention the multiple facets of their ‘Showdown’ EP.

So, where are they taking us this time?

‘Cash Money’ opens with calm-before-the-storm pads, the shimmering beauty of the chords countered by little touches of dissonance and insistently-building percussion. As the, “Rich life…” sample signals the drop, tension cranks to maximum ready for No Concept to deliver exactly what the dancefloor demands. Jaw-cracking drums stomp across the landscape alongside huge scything blades of bass. Then, the massive ramp-up towards the elegant simplicity of the breakdown is bound to spark the imagination of all creative selectors. Watch for this tune hitting hard in raves everywhere.

Then there’s ‘Autonomy’. Some lovely electro-esque modulating synth-work in the intro, with building layers of melody, give this a cinematic feel. This could just be the soundtrack of some half-forgotten cult eighties sci-fi flick. And the pounding energy of the drop with its vamping, staccato riff and throbbing bassline keeps that vibe fully intact. This is musical, euphoric drum ‘n’ bass, continually unfolding and expanding to hold our attention with expertly-programmed sonic twists. This is No Concept taking us on a journey without ever losing the primary focus: bringing hype to the dancefloor.

These No Concept guys seem to be adding new strings to their bow every time they step in the studio. Crossing sub-genres and production styles without breaking a sweat, they’re certainly living up to their chosen name. No concept, no formula, and no fixed rules of engagement have somehow led to them delivering drum ‘n’ bass gold every time.