Cadence / Raw Power

Bratislava’s L Plus has been part of Technique Recordings’ elite squad of production talent for some years now. Laying out the blueprint to his success, his 2017 debut album ‘Hideout’ took us on a sonic journey from festival main stage to subterranean rave and back again. His innovative musicality, coupled with indisputably heavy bass and beats, continues to scorch through the scene with bangers like ‘Let Roll the World’, ‘Rocks’, and ‘Soul Food’.

And now he’s back with two more slices of controlled madness.

As synth-pizzicati open ‘Cadence’ in a haze of floaty euphoria, we’re led to believe we’re heading for some smiles-all-around, uplifting melodies. Nope. L Plus quickly dispels that notion with a stomping screwface bassline that’s going to grab your attention and refuse to let it go. Layers of evolving drums, rides and cowbells provide the scaffolding while the architecture is completed by Mr Plus’s expert bass manipulation. This is heavyweight, and it’s going to find a home on discerning deejays’ USBs everywhere.

Then we have ‘Raw Power’. From the opening pads and sprinkles of atmospheric percussion, setting us up for some mighty brass hits, that eponymous power is immediately evident. There’s a darkside moodiness to this tune which only serves to amplify the energy levels once the bassline rolls in. And what a savage, serrated-edge bassline it is. Supported by concrete-tough drums, it morphs and snakes across the landscape cutting down everything in its path. L Plus wasn’t playing around when he named this one.

So, L Plus’s upward trajectory continues. As a highly in-demand deejay, he’s smashed sets everywhere from his native Slovakia to Fabric to Liquicity and beyond, cementing his position with every new release. We’ve already seen big things from L Plus, but clearly there’s way more yet to come.