Breathe / Lose Control

The LA-based production crew formerly known as Slogun and iOh didn’t waste any time in establishing themselves as technically and musically adept, with a sound big enough for any arena. The last time we saw them on Technique Recordings, though, was on last year’s “Annual” compilation, which saw them step into the shadows with the more minimal, atmospheric, and technoid “Star in a Jar”. So, who can predict what style they’ll come with this time?

The darkly melodic opening of “Breathe” draws us into the Kronology soundscape immediately. Variations of synth-pizzicato tones set the vibe, and then that “breathe in, breathe out” dialogue sample is going to plant this one firmly at the centre of your psyche. The drop gives us a masterclass in bassline modulation, as strikes and sweeps ricochet through the frequency range. And, underpinning it all, is the rock solid kick and snare with the subtlest movement of hats and cymbals to keep things driving forward. This has got deejay weapon written all over it.

“Lose Control”, the Consouls collaboration, is a different proposition entirely. Daniel Hunter Jones’s vulnerable vocal delivery in the intro swells and ignites as the track builds, rolling beats and stiletto-sharp stabs in the top end pointing the way. And then the drop matches the vocal’s progression with the drums. Their faltering staccato is given weight and power by the seething bassline. It’s an intimate, restrained piece of music, but dropped at the right moment, it might just be anthem material.

Kronology are clearly taking every opportunity to push the limits of their style further. They’re innovating, but always staying rooted in the rave. With dancefloor power at the heart of everything they do, you know they’ve got a big 2018 coming.