Break The Walls EP

For the drum and bass cognoscenti, the 2DB name is synonymous with cutting-edge production skills combined with an old skool mentality. Through releases like Original Soundsystem Style, Swerve, and their recent monster contribution to the Crossfire EP, Virus, this production team have carved out a niche bringing the sounds of the nineties into the present day.

This new EP is scientifically engineered to represent all facets of what 2DB do. First up, Break the Walls does exactly what the title suggests. It smashes through the boundaries between styles to deliver a fusion of tech and liquid, hard and melodic, which perfectly reflects the anything-goes-if-it-makes-you-dance philosophy of the early rave era.

Next up we have Selecta which anyone who knows their late-nineties D&B will fall in love with instantly. To many people, this era of dark pads, sweeping basslines and heavy beats was when dancefloor drum and bass was at its apex. 2DB have taken those elements and worked their alchemy to bring them right up to date.

Surrender takes things down a notch with a half-speed intro which showcases a soaring vocal riff. Then, to keep the energy of this hands-in-the-air euphoric sound going, 2DB build things up, weaving, in some soulful house vibes before dropping into brock-out mode.

Finally, Love the Music ties the EP together with an uplifting, soft-focus, strings and piano melody to makes the listener float away on a cloud of sound. This tune encapsulates the escapism of rave culture and is guaranteed to hit straight to the heart of any true junglist.

So, 2DB are carrying on their education of the masses into the roots of drum & bass. This EP, both in the rave and on the radio, is guaranteed to connect with all true junglists and convert many more to the cause.