It’s time for the next phase of the L Plus story, as the man behind 2017’s concrete-hard album “Hideout” brings us a brand new release.

“Bounty” opens with the type of gigantic, luscious synth-work that’s become a staple of the L Plus sound. Pads, arpeggios, and touches of percussion lay the groundwork. Then, the instantly-catchy riff makes an appearance, supported by insistent half-time beats. This is just the beginning, though. A tension-cranking build winds up the vibe to maximum, aims and fires.

The explosive drop sets out the blueprint, with aggressively punchy drums and heavyweight funk-fuelled bass. L Plus isn’t giving up everything all at once though. With scientific precision, risers and fills keep the hype growing and there’s a switch-up to an arp and bass-driven sequence that makes this a powerful deejay weapon, whether deployed clean or in the mix.

So, the Bratislavan badman, aka the Slovakian assassin, aka Mr L Plus continues his run of form. He’s mastered the art of creating music which, while complex and multi-layered, retains that essential beating heart of dance-hyping energy. And you know there’s a lot more where that came from.