Blue Moon EP

When Tantrum Desire drops a brand new EP, we all sit up and take notice. Those in the know will have already heard tracks from this release like ‘Shimmy’ and ‘Step to the Sound’ lighting up raves and airwaves everywhere. Top tier deejay support on Radio 1, 1Xtra, Kiss and in some of the biggest dances around means that the ‘Blue Moon EP’ is already a tried and tested essential.

First up we get the bouncing bomb that is ‘Shimmy’. A shadowy intro morphs and builds into a powerhouse drop, when that bassline pushes the levels of funk through the roof. Add in the switch-ups and modulations that Tantrum Desire throws at us from all angles, and you can’t help being magnetised by the mayhem.

Then there’s ‘Step to the Sound’. Discordant strings and sirens give us a warning of what’s to come, then Nuklear MC steps up to the mic to take things one notch more gassy. With the tension cranked to absolute max, Tantrum Desire pulls the trigger and unleashes a dancefloor-scorching bassline. Hard.

‘Zealous’ opens amidst sci-fi atmospherics, touches of synth and percussion swirling around one another. This being Tantrum Desire at the controls, this ride could be taking us anywhere, and the destination doesn’t disappoint. Dropping us into the borderlands between sub-genres, the pulsing, insistent bass and toughened-steel drums are going to grab DnB fans from all across the spectrum.

Finally, we have the eponymous ‘Blue Moon’. Elegant pads, leading to one of Tantrum Desire’s trademark huge builds, provide a hands-in-the-air moment that’ll connect with crowds across festivals and raves alike. As the tune drops into snaking tendrils of bassline, there’s a slick counterpoint with elements of melody shimmering and switching over the top. Big tune.

We’ve come to expect big things from Tantrum Desire every time, and this EP delivers as always. Here are four tracks precision-tooled for the dancefloor, technicality and musicality combined to deliver pure rave-hyping vibes.