Be the 1 / Remember

Core members of the hand-picked elite force that make up the Technique Recordings roster, No Concept are known as much for their eclectic selection of influences as they are for sheer dance demolition.

And here’s how they’re setting their stall out for 2020.

First up is a trip down memory lane with ‘Be the 1’. No Concept deliver pitch perfect old skool vibes in the intro with pitched-up vocals, breaks, stabs…all that 1991 goodness. But behind the throwback facade lies a militant smasher aimed straight at contemporary dancefloors. The savage bassline assault blended masterfully with the retro elements means this is going to find fans amongst selectors of all persuasions.

Then ‘Remember’ flips the script. No Concept take us through moods of anxious tension, soulful emotion, and hyped anticipation before we’ve even got to the drop. Moments of melody and harmony signal that this tune isn’t going to do things by the book. The dark minimalism of the drop, made from rolling beats and modulating bass tones punctated with gorgeous floating vocal samples, is a call to arms that’s guaranteed to resonate with ravers.

No Concept live up to their name once again with two tunes that defy neat categorisation. The constantly evolving style of these producers means that each one of their releases delivers something new every time. Better pay close attention.