Be Careful feat. Marianna Ray

Recently described by a reviewer as “the king of dancefloor drum & bass”, Tantrum Desire’s towering reputation precedes him. Last time out on Technique he delivered us a crisply junglistic break-fuelled twist on his style, and, with ‘The Arena’ still reverberating around sets and streams everywhere, he’s already back with a follow-up.

‘Be Careful’ opens with a main stage intro, powered by Marianne Ray’s shooting-star vocals. Vibesy from the outset, the energy just keeps increasing. Ever the master of the huge build, Tantrum Desire twists the melody into a rising alarm-call that ramps tension to breaking point.

And then TD drops an absolutely vicious bassline on us. Fluctuating and modulating underneath and around tachycardic drums, it surges through the track to keep the dancefloor firmly under control. This is addictive stuff, and is going to hit hard in the sets of deejays across the scene.

As we’ve come to expect by now, Tantrum Desire has brought us another slice of anthemic DnB. Even with the long and prestigious career he’s had to date, he’s still finding ways to add new flavours to his sound, making every new release something special. And we bet there’s even more to come.